Sunday, June 2, 2013


For a relaxed stroll, I chose a simple clothing: jeans, boyfriend's sweater and comfortable shoes. We had a great time walking around the streets and the park, where we sat on the grass for a long time, talked and fed the cutest ducks and squirrels :)

I was wear: Motivi jeans, boyfriend's Lacoste sweater, Bershka shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

Для непринужденной прогулки я выбрала простую одежду: джинсы, свитер бойфренда и удобную обувь. Мы отлично провели время, гуляя по улочкам и парку, где мы долго сидели на траве, общались и кормили милых уток и белок :)


Miss Twiggy said...

I adore your boots...
and that squirell is simply adorable :D
Stop by LittleMissTwiggy :)

unitedcolorsofaggie said...

beautiful photos!!!Love this casual look!!!

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