Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Green Cardigan

Yesterday we had a wonderful time in the being place: drinking coffee, listening to music, playing chess and talking about everything. I was dressed simply and comfortable. As you can see, I have a new haircut :) have become more voluminous hair that I like very much. Now Spring is the time to experiment and change the style :)

Вчера мы замечательно провели время в "антикафе": пили кофе, слушали музыку, играли в шахматы и разговаривали обо всем. Я была одета просто и удобно. Как вы видите, у меня новая прическа:) Волосы стали более объемными, что мне очень нравится. Сейчас весна-самое время для того, чтобы экспериментировать и менять свой образ:)

forever 18 cardigan
mango t-shirt, pants and shoes


Tatiana Melo said...

Oii, ficou super lindo o look.. o cabelo está lindoo!!

Dorien said...

Really like your outfit! The bluegreen color looks good on you! And what a beautiful place to make pictures :) !

Chocolate in Fashion said...

GREAT look!!!! Kisses

Clara Turbay said...

Better and Better ideas and style.

Damycool said...

You look beautiful! Love your cardigan!

Amanda Marzolini TheFashionAmy said...

Hello Eugene,
thanks for your visit:))
love this pics and the colors you wear:)
i follow you now:)
hope to see you soon on my blog::)

Ilaria Ro said...

lovely outfit :)

Eugene Marseille said...

Thank you so much:)

Eugene Marseille said...

Thank you, Amanda:)

Sara said...

I love your hells!!


AzaharaJStyle said...

he! thanks for your comment

Vera said...

Nice look! I'm following you now, hope you ll take a look at my blog too xxx

Giusyta said...

you look so great!!!!!
i love the color *_*

The Glamour Avenue

Cathy said...

Love the color of the cardi! (:

Check out my blog & follow? (:

jennifermaryx said...

great outfit. i love the colour of your cardigan!

- Jennifer at x

Josie said...

I LOVE your hair! The bangs are perfect.
xo Josie

Bárbara said...

Thank you so much :)
And i love your hair too! Your bangs are so cute!
I love your style :) xoxo

4girls said...

So chic this style! Compliments!
Thanks for you're lovely comment!
If you want to follow our blog we reciprocate!:)
Kiss kiss from Italy:)

Pinky swear said...

fantastic outfit! love the cardi! :D
thanks for your comment! we follow you want to follow us? :D
xx cla and ste

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