Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Fur Coat

Hello, beautiful readers!:)
Now I will pay more attention to my blog and I`ll try to write and add more photos:)
Here are a few photos in a typical Russian winter look. I started wearing a fur coat even three weeks ago when the first snow fell. Now it is almost melted, and I dream of a new snowfall - I will immediately appear a Christmas mood, and I will be able to take a new beautiful photos:)
Have a great week!

Привет всем моим читателям:) 
Теперь я буду уделять своему блогу больше внимания и постараюсь писать и добавлять фотографии чаще:) Здесь несколько фотографий в типичном для России зимнем образе. Я начала носить шубу еще три недели назад, когда выпал первый снег. Сейчас он уже почти растаял, и я мечтаю о новом снегопаде-сразу появится предновогоднее праздничное настроение, и можно будет сделать новые красивые фотографии:) 
Удачной недели!
_DSC0407 _DSC0359 _DSC0331 _DSC0280

Fur coat: Nuoliqi
Beanie: Made by me
Boots: Evita



Bego said...

ohh love your look!!! the boots ara amazing!!


Audrey said...

I love your coat! Gorgeous photos! I just found your blog and am now following! I hope you can visit my blog and maybe follow back. xoxo

Lidiya said...

Your coat is fabulous, I wish in England it was so cold to dress like this, I miss the Russian winter))

2befab said...

hi dear...
your look is amazing..and you are so beautiful...
pass from my blog i have a chanel can partecipate!!!!!!


khloegold said...

Thats so pretty is it real fur? and you looks so pretty

Taa said...

You are always so styli

Love your blog

visit me also

Eugenia said...


Khloegold, yeah, this is real fur.

S4SisterStyle said...

hi!good blog,follow us if u like our blog and we will follow you too!

María Agostina Saracco. said...

Ohhh love your coat!
great post!

Anonymous said...

Lovely coat and pretty pictures!
How come I haven't followed your blog yet? I like it. Following now :)

E said...

I love that coat!

triggermyfashion said...

I love the black fur coat....its fabulous!!!

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