Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My everyday make up products

Usually I prefer to do a natural make-up. Mascara, lipstick, rouge and powder - all that I need. All my make-up products, except blush, it`s clinique.

Обычно я предпочитаю делать естественный макияж. Тушь, помада, румяна и пудра - всё, что мне нужно. Вся моя косметика, кроме румян, это clinique. 


khloegold said...

I love this blog post now I feel like doing something similar soon and I really like that lipstick :)

alicia said...

I use clinique mascara too - love it!

Damycool said...

Clinique is great!!

Francielle said...

Hi Eugene, my name is Francielle, I'm brazilian.
Your blog is lovely, always I can I'll come here.
Do you like Clinique mascara? I'd like to buy one but first I'd like to know the opinion of someone who uses.

Eugenia said...

Francielle, thanks for your comment.
I have to say, that I really like this mascara.
Has no lumps, eyelashes do not stick together. Good lengthens lashes. I like it:)

Rachel said...

I use the same clinique compact! it goes on so sheer and makes my skin look great!!


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