Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Unfortunately, Russia does not celebrate Christmas on 25th of December, and I am looking forward the night on December 31:)
Today I want to wish a Merry Christmas to my foreign readers! 
I hope you spend this holiday with your loved ones:) make a wish and it will come true!

К сожалению, в России не отмечают Рождество 25 декабря, и я с нетерпением жду ночи 31 декабря:) 
Сегодня я хочу пожелать веселого Рождества моим иностранным читателям!
Надеюсь, вы проведете этот праздник с любимыми людьми:) загадайте желание, и оно обязательно сбудется!


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Mi vida en rojo said...

Thanks for this posts!!!!Even you don't celebrate this day....Merry Xmas!!!

Thanks for your comment! ;-)

Leire said...

Thanks for your comment!

Little N said...

Merry Christmas! lovely photos!^^

Nimur said...

Merry cristmas!!

CeCe & NuNu said...

Lovely pics!!!

Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!



Princesa said...

Mery christmas

ATACADAS said...

Thanks for your comment!! I follow you!!! Please follow me too!!!
Thanks!!! Kisses from spain!!!

SOUL OF SEA said...

This post is fantastic!!Merry Xmas Eugene!
Oh and I follow you:) xxx


Merry Christmas ! i like your blog!
Thanks for your comment!! I follow you!!! Please follow me too!!!


Damycool said...

Thanks dear!! Merry Christmas to you!!

Estefanía said...

thank you so much for your comment!!
I don´t know about your blog and this is amaizing!
follow you now

xx from Spain


amaya-t said...

Que pases unas felices fiestas! :)

Un besiito desde amayaT.!

Marie said...

I have a russian friend who will celebrate Christmas the 31th december too. It's funny because she told me that today :)

Merry Christmas!
Love from Spain.

Cylia said...

and happiness you will get:) PS. Christmas is over, but I still want to give you a present.. Join my ‘Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway with Monki, Pull & Bear goodies and more! here:

Sofie said...

cute pics! ♥

Arimoka said...

Love this pictures!!! I like Christmas. We celebrate some Christmas days, 24Dec, 25Dec and 31Dec and 1Jan in Spain.
Follow your blog.


Lola La Fleur said...

Merry Crhistmas :D

Mrm.Hdez said...

merry xmas for u too!

Bad Joan said...

Love these Christmas pictures!


Soraya said...

nice pics!
Happy New Year! :)

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